Every December, families around the world take part in their holiday traditions. Some decorate trees together, others partake of a traditional Hanukkah celebration and still others decide that Home Alone is the epitome of holiday movies. For those that celebrate St. Nicholas Day, tonight is a very important night.

Tradition holds that St. Nicholas visits the during the night on December 5th and fills any shoes that are left out with candy and treats. Waking up on the morning of the 6th, children would rush to see what was left for them in their shoes. While different countries and cultures celebrate St. Nicholas Day differently, there is a sense of tradition in the receiving chocolate in your Converse and marking the countdown to Christmas.

Which makes me wonder, what are some of the best holiday traditions in your family? Do you put out your shoes? See The Nutcracker ballet each year? Have a series of detailed ceremonies for Hanukkah? Dance in the snow when it falls the first time? Share in the comments below!