In the Holiday Newsletter, we discussed a few ways to get your car ready for the winter season that will be upon us sooner rather than later. As we promised, here are some of our best tips for safe driving this winter (courtesy of Edmunds and Safeco Insurance).

1) Check the traction on your tires - it's hard for a tire to stay safely in contact with the road if there's no tread on your tires. There should be at least 6/32 of an inch of tread on each and every one of those tires. If you live in a very snowy area, look for tires with a "snowflake on the mountain" symbol which is a sign of good snow traction.

2) Make sure you can see! Replace windshield wipers, replace fluids and check to make sure you've got ice removal in your car.

3) Run the air conditioning - it helps remove condensation and frost from the windows and keeps things clear. You can put your temperature on heat and just run the air conditioning in addition. Often, when you put the defrost on, this happens automatically.

4) Make sure your headlights are working - you need to see and others need to see you.

5) Watch out for black ice, and remember the trouble spots! Black ice can be hard to spot and it can test a driver's skills. Also, remember that bridges and intersections aren't the only icy spots out there. Anywhere water crosses the road is a possible spot for ice - hose drainage, car wash areas and even sprinkler systems can cause ice.

Stay safe on the roads! And have a great weekend!