With Daylight Savings Time this past weekend, it has started to get dark much earlier. Which means more and more kids are heading home from school (and us adults heading home from work) in a little less light. Some people drive themselves to and from school, or snag a ride with parents or carpool, a good number still take the school bus or metro bus to get from here to there and back again. The fact that schools are in session and it's a little darker both morning and evening makes this a great time to review bus safety. While these tips were originally designed for school buses, I think the general safety tips can apply to any of us catching a bus:

On the Way to the Bus:

- Be alert! Pay attention to the traffic patterns around your bus stop.

- Get there a few minutes early.

- Always walk facing the traffic so they can see you coming, and you can see them.

At the Bus Stop:

- Stand back from the curb. Be sure to give the bus plenty of clearance.

- Try to enter and exit the bus in an orderly fashion - don't push or crowd.

- Use the hand rails and steps when entering and exiting the bus.

- Watch for the bus driver's signals when crossing in front of the bus.

While Riding the Bus:

- As they say in amusement parks, keep your hands, arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

- Use common courtesy - don't play your music too loudly, have that high-volume conversation on your mobile phone or in person. Good manners matter on public transit too!

And if you're the one driving the car around the bus? Please be careful. It's hard to assume what pedestrians will do, so all drivers need to exercise a bit of caution as we adjust to darker evenings.