With Halloween a week away, people are starting to carve pumpkins and get involved in the festivities of the holiday. While some of us are content munching on candy (it's on sale, how could you not?) others don costumes and facepaint. One tradition that holds true across all age groups is carving pumpkins...and we've compiled a few tips to help you carve that pumpkin with care.

-First of all, make sure you're using the right equipment. Many stores sell kits with specially designed saws for the sole purpose of creating the perfect Jack O'Lantern.

-Whether or not you use a special kit or a knife, make sure you point the knife away from your hands and fingers, and the hands and fingers of everyone else.

-Make sure you're paying attention! Most of the injuries seen from carving pumpkins happen because someone is distracted while holding a knife.
-Finally, once your pumpkin is carved, be sure that you never leave lit candles inside unattended or too close to anything. Candles in a pumpkin are just like candles anywhere else.

Safe and happy pumpkin carving! If you have a great work of pumpkin art send a picture to info@mcdonaldmcgarry.com. We'd love to see them!