On the off chance you've not been around Seattle for long, it's time to remind you about a very important traffic disruption happening for the next nine, or so, days. The Alaskan Way Viaduct, the highway that rises just above the city's waterfront is becoming a tunnel and the Department of Transportation is starting work on that project this weekend.

As of 7:30 tonight, the section of Alaskan Way between the West Seattle Bridge and Royal Brougham Way will be closed. While northbound lanes will be open intermittently for events, drivers are told to prepare for detours and alternate routes until the roads open again in the early morning hours of October 31st.

So what can you do? Plan for more traffic. Since the Viaduct serves as one of the main north-south thoroughfares, people will probably divert to I-5...meaning more traffic for us. We'd recommend you either find an alternate route or plan extra time to get to your destination.

Want more information? Check out the Seattle Times, or the SeattlePI online and the Washington Department of Transportation has great information at www.wsdot.gov.

Have a great weekend!