Changes in technology, not to mention the economy, are making it easier for people to work from home. Looking at the total of self-employed people and those that telecommute, a sizable percentage of the population is working from home - and the numbers are growing.

What people don't often realize is that working from home can impact your insurance protection. A homeowners policy has specific limits for what it will and will not cover. If you're employed by someone else, you should check with them to see how their insurance covers you. Running your own business means that you need to look into coverage for yourself. If you have visits from clients, you'll need to include liability coverage in addition to your product and property liability. Here are a few ideas of coverages to consider:

1) Call us - we can evaluate whether or not your business would be eligible for an endorsement to your homeowners policy. Sometimes it isn't in your best interest or protection to do so, but that is an option that we are more than happy to explore.

2) If you're business brings in a sizable profit, you will want to look into a home business policy - one including loss of use or interruption coverage should your business be put on hold due to a damage to your home.

3) For the most protection you should consider a Business Owner's Policy. This covers you against business risks at home and away, often provides a higher limit of coverage and protection against more hazards.

Of course, the best first step is to talk with us. We've been insuring small businesses for a long time and can advise you on the best coverage for your situation.