Fall is in full swing, and for those parents with school-aged kids, it means that it's time to go to ballet, soccer games, and field trips. But what does this mean for your auto insurance?

In an auto accident, there is always the possibility that the driver could be legally liabilty for all of the injuries sustained in the accident. Most personal auto policies provide for that, and we encourage our clients to carry high liability limits for that reason. But depending on the vehicle you're driving - if you've rented a van or are driving a small bus - your insurance coverage can change. School employees face this risk the most, as they often have access to the vans, classifying them as a vehicle provided for your regular use. If you know you'll be driving an unusual vehicle for a school or team event, you can call our office and we can advise you on what your policy covers, and options to protect you and your passengers.

We recommend that our clients carry the highest liability limits possible, and we even recommend coverage above and beyond the limits of the auto policy in the form of an umbrella. An umbrella policy can offer more than one million dollars in additional coverage.

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