One of the great things about working with several different companies is that we have a wealth of information from a variety of sources. We work with the Washington Survey and Rating Bureau - the WSRB - that provides information about the fire protection and territories throughout the state. Recently I got an update from them that included an article about the largest companies today and compares them with the largest companies from 1955. Take a look (any of the ones from 1955 sound familar?).

In 1955, the Fortune 500 listed these businesses as the nation's largest employers:
1) General Motors
2) Chrysler
3) U.S. Steel
4) Standard Oil of New Jersey
5) Amoco
6) Goodyear
7) Firestone

Today, these companies made the list:
1) Walmart
2) Target
3) Sears
4) Kroger
5) IBM
6) Hewlett Packard
7) Dell
8) Google
9) Cisco
10) Oracle

Interesting trend from auto-related industries to retail and technology, don't you think?