In the latest edition of McNews, we announced that we are giving away faucet covers again this fall! Last year we passed out faucet covers to the first 25 people that came by our office and we are doing that again this year. We've handed a few out so far, but we have still have a few left.

If you haven't noticed it yet, the rain is starting to come, leaves are falling and despite the fact that there are a few holidays in between, people are counting down to Christmas. Chances are we will get some wet, cold weather in the area come November, and having your faucets protected before the first freeze is a great way to prevent water damage claims. As an added bonus, if you cover your faucets sooner rather than later, you have a better chance of finding a dry, marginally warmer time to trudge outside.

Come by our office to get your faucet cover! We have just a few left, so the sooner the better. Visit for directions or give us a call at 425-774-3200 and we can help you find us!