While catching up on local news the other day, I noticed a business in downtown Edmonds was asking an important question: how would it feel not to be able to read a book? Or read the directions on a bottle of medicine?

October is Literacy Month, and while there is a lot of publicity about getting kids to read and helping to end illiteracy, Comstock Jewelry is doing something about it. Comstock Jewelry is collecting books to be distributed by Page Ahead (www.pageahead.org) that ensures the books are given to at-risk children.

There are several studies that show that academic success can be due in part to having books around the home and being read to regularly. Further, developing reading activities helped 91% of children become more interested in readying, and 74% of parents became more involved with their child's reading habits. Page Ahead, teamed up with the Seattle Alumni chapter of Pi Beta Phi, is working with Comstock to collect books for those children who would need them most. For more information about Page Ahead visit their website -www.pageahead.org.

Comstock Jewelry will be collecting books from October 1-29 at their store in downtown Edmonds - 411 Main Street or visit www.comstockjewelers.com.