For those of you that are football fans, you might remember the December, 2010 collapse of the Metrodome in Minnesota. After a massive snow storm, the roof of the Metrodome began to leak, tear, fall apart and then the field was covered in falling snow and ice. Needless to say, they called their insurance agent.

There is a group of Insurance Agents that are independent agents committed to high standards of service and protection - Trusted Choice. You'll see their logo, and know that they hold themselves to a high standard of client protection. Our agency is proud to be a Trusted Choice agency and hope that our clients appreciate the fact we put the client and their needs first.

But why am I discussing Trusted Choice Insurance and a rather unfortunate collapse of a football stadium's roof? Because the Metrodome's building was insured with a Trusted Choice Independent Agent. In this video that Trusted Choice put together, Bill Lester - Executive Director of the Metrodome - credits the timely repair, and quality of the claims experience to his Trusted Choice agent. Check out the video here: While they didn't technically use their hammers and nails to put the Metrodome back together, the agent was on-site overseeing the process every step of the way.

And thanks for choosing us as your Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent. Have a great weekend!