I heard a story once from another insurance agent (who actually shared this story with her clients) and so now I'm telling it to you. On Mondays, I like to start off the week with insurance tips and safety ideas. This story might enlighten you as to why you or your family should consider umbrella coverage - and I know its something I've discussed before.

It started out as a little backing accident...a Washington driver was in a typical commercial warehouse area with a big parking lot. I'm sure everyone has seen these - big warehouses, garage doors, not a lot of other cars. And every so often there is a fire hydrant. Well this driver reportedly backed his pickup truck into one of those fire hydrants.

The incident had a domino-effect of repairs, and costs. The resulting damage and expenses included:

- Fire hydrant replacement and cost of installation

- Damage to the parking lot caused by the sinkhole resulting from the damaged fire hydrant (did you know that a 6-inch water main connection to a fire hydrant can flow between 1,000 and 1,500 gallons of water per minute)

- Bill for hundreds of thousands of gallons of water

- Creation of a large lake in the remaining parking lot requiring special handling, pumping and resulting in possible additional damage to structures.

- Cost of business interruption due to lack of access to the parking lot until repairs are made.

- Extra security to block off the damaged areas to prevent other accidents

Suddenly, it doesn't seem like such a little backing accident anymore, does it? With the right insurance protection, some of these expenses could be covered. Which is why umbrella protection is so important - where the limits of your home or auto policy leave off, it picks up. And umbrella policies add at least a million dollars of coverage. Most of these policies are fairly inexpensive for the amount of coverage they offer. Give me a call to discuss your options - we can determine what coverage you would need and whether or not an umbrella policy is good for you.