The tricky thing about insurance for many people is understanding the different ways that it works for you. While no two insurance companies are exactly the same, the general policy parts (like collision for an auto policy, or liability for a homeowners policy) are still the same. That's why when I found a valuable resource from one of our companies, I felt compelled to share it - even if your home, classic car or other possessions are taken care of by another insurer.

Chubb Insurance, one of our companies, has put together a YouTube channel filled with videos explaining topics ranging from watercraft coverage, to young driver safety, to what those coverages in your homeowners policy mean. These simple, short videos are a great overview to understanding the different parts of your policy. Luckily, they're general enough to apply to homeowners policies from several of our other carriers. If they raise any questions for you, however, you really should call our office since we can speak specifically to your insurance company and to your specific situation.

Chubb's specialty is high-valued homes, and with that they provide many "extras" from Wildfire Protection to personalized claim service and those videos are on there as well (there is a really touching series of videos about a family who lost everything in a wildfire in California and how they put everything back together again). But for those of us looking for a bit of clarification and explanation, Chubb's videos are a great place to start.

To find them, you can visit this link: Let me know if they raise any questions for you! I'm always happy to discuss your policy.