Even if you re not a sports fan, you now that football's biggest showdown - for the advertisers and the players - is taking place in Arlington, Texas this weekend. Whether you're at a Super Bowl part or, like Meagan, doing the crossword during the game and watching during the commercials, the basics of the game are hard to miss. One team tries to get the football into the other team's end zone. Simple, right? As anyone who has watched a game knows, there is this great thing called defense to keep that football out of scoring range. A good insurance agent can be your defensive line - making sure you're protected against whatever is coming your way. While you may not be facing down the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers, knowing that you have good defense protecting you is great for your peace of mind. Like football players, we have had a lot of training, and lots of practice protecting what matters most to you.
Of course, the outcome of the game isn't the only thing people will be talking about. Superbowl commercials have become just as big of an event as the game itself. While we can't protect you from bad commercials (and there are a few every year that make you cringe) let us know what your favorite is - leave a comment below!
Happy Superbowl and may the best team win!