In this economy, we see more folks allowing their auto coverage to cancel for non-payment of premium. While this may save a few dollars in the short term, in the long run this can be an expensive mistake.
Most all companies use prior insurance coverage as a rating tool for pricing a new policy. Generally, the longer you have had coverage with the same company and without a gap, the lower the premium can be. So if you allow your policy to cancel to save a few dollars in the short term, you will end up paying a higher premium when you set out to resume coverage. Also, if your coverage has expired and you are pulled over for any traffic infraction, you could receive a very expensive ticket for not having current insurance. If you receive a ticket for expired insurance, the state may require that you purchase new insurance and with the ticket on your record a new policy will be made even more expensive. So if you have reached a point and don't have the funds to pay your premium, what should you do?
  1. Give us a call - we will contact your insurance company to determine the last possible payment due date and also see if there is a less expensive payment option.
  2. Give us a call - we can review your policy to see if we can reduce any coverages to lower the premium and get you through the tight time.
  3. Give us a call - we can review your policy to ensure that it is properly rated (for example, if you have lost a job, you would not be commuting to work every day). We would also check to make sure that you are receiving all the discounts to which you are entitled and see if there is any way to stretch your premium dollars.
  4. Give us a call - if we are not providing your auto policy, but we are insuring your home, we may be able to insure your auto with the company that is insuring your home. This can result in a discount of up to 20% and lower your overall premiums without trimming your coverage.

Please be assured that we know that these are difficult times. We want to have to the opportunity to work with every client we can to make sure that your coverage is affordable. If you want us to review your coverage, just let us know, we would welcome the opportunity and thank you for your business.