Earlier this week, there was a huge fire that destroyed an apartment building in Lynnwood. The fire displaced about 30 families. Most of them lost all of their possessions, and are now living in an emergency shelter set up by the Red Cross.
While the victims' names and faces are different every time, the story is the same: large fire, displaced families. The destruction caused by the fire may not have been able to be avoided, but the tragic outcome for many families could have been. A Renter's policy provides coverage for renters whether they live in an apartment or a house. The policy provides coverage for your belongings, additional coverage to help you to relocate, and personal liability coverage. The premiums for these policies are usually small; averaging $15-$20 per month.
I am sure that again, too soon, this story will be repeated; fire, homelessness and the Red Cross stepping in to help. Let's encourage our family and friends that rent to check into a Renter's policy. It could be the very thing that helps them rebuild their lives after a tragic event, like a fire.