Those of us in insurance aren't exactly known for our athletic prowess. We may not be the best at catching a football, hitting a home run or running after that soccer ball. We're better known for our great rates, excellent service and ability to resolve a claim. So when I saw that the Insurance Journal Academy of Insurance did a study to see who we would choose to win the Super Bowl this weekend, I was more than a little curious. Apparently, the experts of the insurance world have selected 49ers as this year's winner by a sufficiently large margin (62%). If you're going to a Super Bowl Party this weekend, that could be a good bit of trivia to bring along with the guacamole.

The survey broke down the results even further, so that we can see which departments chose which team. It is fair to say however that the states of California and Maryland were, well, heavily biased towards their own teams. 

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 Also - think this is a little out-of-left-field? Oddsmakers in Las Vegas have chosen the same team to win the Big Game this year.