With the start of boating season a few weeks behind us, we are starting to think about the things that we need to do to get our boats on the water. Western Washington has a tendency to get suddenly warm and sunny weather, so now is the time to start thinking of that pre-summer boat maintenance. And if you love spending weekends on the water, there are a few things you should take care of now so that you're properly prepared.

  • Tune it Up: It's always a good idea to have your boat winterized at the end of each season, but whether you did or didn't get it done last year, make sure to get a full tune-up before you hit the lakes and the Sound this summer.
  • Charge It: Make sure your battery is fully charged. The battery in the boat works much the same as the battery in your car...both need to be charged to get your show on the road (or river, or lake).
  • Clear it Out: If there's any chance a bit of gas from last season is still in your tank, fill it up with fresh gas as well as a stabilizer. The stabilizer prevents buildup in the gas lines and the injection system.
  • Give it a Test: Why wait until you're afloat to find out you've got a problem with your motor? Before you get all packed up and ready for a day on the water, lower your motor into the water and make sure it will turn over.
  • Plug it Up: Ensure your drain plug is in and the bilge pump is functioning properly.
  • Double-Check, then Triple-Check: The last thing that you want to happen is to be turned away at the ramp or boat launch for not having the proper registration or missing your ski flags and life vests. Make sure your documents are updated and that your boat is fully stocked with everything you need.

Wishing you many safe adventures on the water! (And, obviously, make sure you have the proper boat insurance....want to double check? Shoot us an email: info@mcdonaldmcgarry.com)