Sometimes in insurance, we deal with the strangest situations...celebrities will insure their most famous body parts, movie houses will hold insurance as to whether or not their stars come to work, and there's even insurance in case someone makes a hole-in-one at a golf tournament. Then there are the fun things insurance agents get to work with - insuring classic cars for instance. Or maybe just a certain famous DeLorean from 1985? Regardless of whether or not that DeLorean will help you time travel, famous movie cars are often characters of their own. And since we work with classic cars, The Guardian's "10 Ten Films Featuring Classic Cars" list held some appeal. Here's The Guardian's Top 10 List (and thanks to the IIABA for sending it my way):

9) (tie) Back to the Future (1985)
9) (tie) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)
7) (tie) Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
7) (tie) Ghostbusters (1984)
6) Herbie (1969, in the Love Bug)
5) Ronin (1998)
4) Genevieve (1953)
3) Le Mans (1971)
2) Bullitt (1968)
1) The Italian Job (1969)

 Which is your top car on the list? Or would you have added any others? More importantly, if you have a classic car of your own, movie star or not, you should make sure it is properly covered. Curious about classic car coverage? Check out our information ( or give us a call to chat.