Edmonds is a small community, and that's part of what I love about living here. There's a reason I moved to downtown Edmonds. Aside from my less-than-five-minute commute, that is. I like the idea of being able to recognize familiar faces in town and be a part of those small town events that seem hokey to some, but very important to others. If you were ever a Gilmore Girls fan, downtown Edmonds is like Stars Hollow - and I mean that in the best possible way.

Before I was working full time at the agency, I was a part time barista at the local Starbucks. A few days a week, I'd put on a green apron, wake up at the crack of dawn and spend a shift in the heart of downtown. I realized before long that I really knew my neighbors-what they needed to start their mornings, their jobs, their families and who had that cute puppy tied up outside the store. I'd go to the Farmers Market (we have awesome flowers if you're in the area of a Saturday) or to happy hour with friends and have conversations with my "regulars". Of course, I'd also get the "You look familiar, where do I know you from?" when I wasn't wearing all black with a green apron.  To be honest, I still do get that from some people. And I don't mind it one bit.

Of course, there are people that thrive in big cities. I admit to loving a day spent in Seattle and being so close to such a vibrant metropolis. But when it all comes down to it, I rather like being a part of this little downtown Edmonds community. When I can walk out my door and into a town where there is still a touch of old-fashioned Main Street USA and feel like I'm part of that community, that's my kind of town.