We don't always think about the risks we take or uncertainties we face each day - until the time comes when we need to use our insurance protection. Our assets - cars, houses, or savings - need to be properly protected to make sure we are secure both today and in the future we're working hard to build.

We're routinely bombarded by radio commercials, television spots, and mailers that tell us the most critical factor to evaluate your insurance is the cost. We beg to differ. We know that everyone has a budget - and our goal is to make sure we strike the right balance of fitting your budget and protecting your assets.

After all, that's why you have us-independent agents with choices to offer.

For your cars, we'll evaluate how often you're on the road, your mileage and see what company and what coverages work best to protect you. And at your policy renewals, we'll check it again - because just like traffic, your needs change all the time. Adding drivers, changing cars, maybe having a claim here or there - not to worry. We're with you every step of the way.

Your home is often your biggest asset - let's make sure it's properly protected. The right level of protection and the right add ons will tailor the policy to fit you - because when the sump pump backs up at 4am knowing that the coverage is there gives you that peace of mind. Just like when we have the conversations about the special jewelry we need to insure, or making sure that your prized art collection is properly protected - it's all for your peace of mind.

If you have motorcycles, classic cars, boats or maybe even a golf cart for your winter home, we can talk about that, too. We have options, ideas, experience - and choices - to make your insurance package as unique as that 1954 Thunderbird, or your wooden sailboat.

Finally, have you ever thought about having enough liability to cover anything that comes your way? Then let's talk about an umbrella policy to protect you from large liability claims or injuries from an uninsured driver. In true PNW fashion, you avoid using an umbrella while walking down the sidewalk but this is one you might want to take with you. An excess liability policy is a quick and easy calculation - and often the final piece of the puzzle in making sure you're fully covered.

So let's talk - we want to make sure you have just the right coverages that may be as unique as you are.

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